Hello there! Come join us in creating a Web3 football game.

1/ 🏁 DeFi Football’s Gameplay centers around team management; players will possess a set of unique cards representing various roles on the squad. The players will then manage and set up their chosen team and position to compete with other players.

2/ PvP game mode: 

Players create a room to compete against other players and there is a fun bet for the match.


Let your favourite squads compete in major events such as the Junior Division Cup, Major League Cup, and Premier League Cup to demonstrate their strength.

3/ 🤼‍♀️ Match:

The initial matches will be shown in the match history, which players can utilize to either enjoy the early matches or tune their team properly.

4/ 🃏 Player’s Card:

Players can burn game cards to obtain upgrade cards, or they can be used to enhance a weaker player card based on a fixed stat. Furthermore, on the marketplace, players can sell or trade game cards with other players.

5/ 👊 Network’s deployment:

We decided to deploy on @ONUSChain, which has minimal gas fees and high speed. Along with some basic benefits, it will aid the project’s development in the greatest way possible.

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